Carrie Underwood reveals the “Girl” power behind “Cry Pretty”

UMGCarrie Underwood has a junkie to thank for her latest hit — a Love Junkie, that is.

“‘Cry Pretty’ all started when I had a writing day with Hillary LindseyLiz Rose and Lori McKenna, a.k.a. The Love Junkies,” Carrie recalls. “And Hillary came in with the title and a few lines and we all just loved it.”

The three songwriters are perhaps most famous for writing Little Big Town‘s CMA Song of the Year, “Girl Crush.”

Carrie believes “Cry Pretty” definitely benefited from four varying female perspectives.

“I mean, we’re all women in different places in our lives and kind of have all lived different lives and [are] from different places,” she explains, “but we all love music and we all love, you know, sharing our heart in your music, and I mean, off we went.”

Once the writing session was over, Carrie couldn’t wait to tackle “Cry Pretty” as both a singer and a producer — a new role she’s assumed on her upcoming album.

“I left that day just so excited and feeling so good about what we wrote and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, as an artist and also as a producer,” she remembers. “So, it’s come a long way since the day we wrote it, but it’s something that I’m very proud of.”

Carrie’s latest top ten hit is also the title track from her forthcoming Cry Pretty album, which is due September 14.

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