“There Was This Girl”: Riley Green reveals his debut hit was inspired by some of “the dumber things [he's] done”

Big MachineTonight in Nashville, newcomer Riley Green makes his Grand Ole Opry debut at the historic Ryman Auditorium, as he enjoys his first top twenty hit with “There Was This Girl.”

The Alabama native says he’s loving watching fans discover his debut single.

“As a songwriter, because I write all my own music, it’s a really great feeling to know that people like something that I made up,” Riley explains. “You know, not so much even as a performer — I get that enjoyment of going on the stage and playing in front of people — but songwriting-wise, it’s exciting to have something on the charts like that.”

Riley admits the idea for his debut hit came from some of the sillier things he’s done.

“You know, I remember sitting down with a buddy of mine, Eric Dillon in Nashville,” he recalls. “And we started talking about all the dumber things we’ve done in our lives growing up. And that was the excuse we kept coming up with, that there was this girl.”

“And that sounded like a song,” he continues, “sounded like something I’ve said a million times before, and probably a lot of guys have. So we wrote it, and it turned into like a nineties country sound, which I love.”  

You’ll find “There Was This Girl” on Riley’s EP, In a Truck Right Now.

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